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Portuguese amateur radio clubs reject 144-146 MHz proposal

Portuguese amateur radio clubs reject 144-146 MHz proposal

On the July 6th, a group of seventeen (17) Portuguese Amateur Radio Clubs had a meeting on the subject of the French proposal PTA(19)090R1- at ECC/CEPT group PTA/CPG, meeting #7, regarding the relocation of the frequency band 144-146 MHz, unanimously decided:

1. Strongly reject the proposal put forward by France – reference to the PTA(19)090R1- in the PTA / CPG, ECC / CEPT (meeting # 7);

2. Request to the Portuguese Government to determine the vote against the proposal PTA(19)090R1, in all instances of CEPT and / or ITU.

The associations also decided unanimously:

1. To adopt a joint document, demonstrating our reason, which was signed by all the associations and that will be delivered to the official entities, in the situations that have been determined;

2. Name a group of six Amateurs (CT1BAT, CT1DBS, CT1DL, CT1END, CT2IXQ), one of them being alternate (CT1FKF), which will represent the associations in the acts which will take place, with a view to the resolution of this, demonstrating unity and determination in the defense of the spectrum allocated to the amateur service and amateur satellite service.

Similarly, the associations unanimously mandated the aforementioned group to be present at the meeting with ANACOM, on the 15th of July and, in circumstances, and if it proves necessary, to request urgent meetings to be held with members of institutions and government, linked to regulation or with tutelage in the area.

The seventeen associations exhort and invite associations of amateur could not be present or that, for addressing reasons, the meeting, to join our strategy, increasing the strong response to this attack on the amateur and amateur service by satellite.

Santarém, July 6th, 2019

AMSAT-PO, Associação de Amadores de Satélite de Portugal
ARA, Associação de Radioamadores dos Açores
ARAL, Associação de Radioamadores do Distrito de Leiria
ARAM, Associação de Radioamadores do Alto Minho
ARBA, Associação de Radioamadores da Beira Alta
ARBB, Associação de Radioamadores da Beira Baixa
ARETD, Associação de Radioamadores de Entre Tâmega e Douro
ARLA, Associação de Radioamadores do Litoral Alentejano
ARR, Associação de Radioamadores do Ribatejo
ARRLx, Associação de Radioamadores da Região de Lisboa
ARVM, Associação de Radioamadores da Vila de Moscavide
CRE, Clube de Radioamadores do Entroncamento
LARS, Liga Amadores Rádio Sintra
RCL, Radioamador Clube de Loulé
REP, Rede dos Emissores Portugueses
TRGM, Tertúlia Radioamadorística Guglielmo Marconi
URA, União de Radioamadores dos Açores…r-radio-clubs-reject-144-146-mhz-proposal.htm

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