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Chameleon MPAS 2.0 Modular Portable Antenna System

“Chameleon Antennas recently updated their Modular Portable Antenna System or MPAS with the goal of it being the most versatile, high performance, and rugged HF antenna system on the market. I think they’ve certainly hit that mark with the MPAS 2.0. The MPAS is no one antenna, but several rolled up into one modular system.

This building block approach makes it very flexible as you can deploy it as a vertical antenna, a horizontal antenna, end-fed, dipole, and even a man pack portable antenna.

With this level of versatility, Chameleon is clearly targeting the governmental and military markets along with NGO or non governmental organizations. But really this is perfect for the amateur radio market, prepper survival communications, and outdoor enthusiasts: especially those that want an infinitely deployable antenna for field operations. Chameleon CHA MPAS 2.0 Antenna:


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