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144MHz: VERON writes to Dutch telecom regulator

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    144MHz: VERON writes to Dutch telecom regulator

    VERON has written to the Dutch telecom regulator (Agentschap Telecom) to object to the French proposal PTA(19)090R1 for new non-safety aeronautical mobile applications on the 2 meter band.

    VERON will do its utmost to defend the primary allocation of the 2m band to the amateur service, Remy Denker PA0AGF said.

    VERON will keep radio amateurs in the Netherlands informed via VERON’s position can be read in an article on

    VERON also emphasizes to show the local regulators that radio amateurs need the 2 meter band and invite all radio amateurs over the world to participate in the 2 meter propagation experiment on July 20th 17.00 utc – 19.00 utc. Make QSO’s on the 2 meter band in any mode you like. Send an adif to clublog to collect statistical data. Send your log before august 1 2019. The results will be announced on


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