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Ham radio in Maharashtra floods relief effort – Southgate Amateur Radio Club

The Republic World reports amateur radios and drones were brought in to assist rescue operations in the aftermath of the Maharashtra floods

Rescue and relief operation in Western Maharashtra are in full swing as several places are battling a severe deluge that has engulfed the place. Republic TV spoke to rescue teams present in Kolhapur’s Narasoba Wadi.

Since last five days, Narsoba Wadi Village has been submerged following which multiple teams from the NDRF and Indian Navy have been summoned to transport supplies and relief material to the 5000 people who are stranded in different locations. Apart from the food and medicine supplies, doctors have also been brought in. Talking to Republic TV, one of the officials present on site said that boats have been sent for a recee:

In addition, the rescue teams are also using HAM radios in order to establish proper communication channel. The teams will set up a base station from where information will be channeled.

“Once the base station is setup, it will be connected with all HAM radios here. It will be easy for us to communicate with the teams.” the official added

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