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14 days of work from 0 – Mega Contest Station LN8W

11 antennas (2 Tonns of Aluminium ) and 2 +- 60m high rotary towers were assembled
and erected!

Wetter condition were not the best but not quite bad! Working in rain close to 0 deg C is not always fun !

Tower north
3 el yagi 80m
2 x 4 el yagi 40m
3 x 16 el yagi 20/15/10

Tower south
2 x 4 el yagi 40m
3 x 21 el yagi 20/15/10

All cabling on both tower is also done!

Thanks to Mika Liimatainen and Timo Korhonen towers!
Also Touko and his crew for tower erecting support!

Thanks to Kate Christensen from dynamica ropes for on time delivery of 1000m of SK78!

Thanks to Tom from Optibeam for fast production and delivery of 11 antennas and doing our (my) extra wishes !

4O3A Signature Ranko Boca for switching hardware, filters and triplexers!

Great crane driver Ole Robin Gundrosen
What a fantastic job !

Not to forget LN8W crew for great support and help on site ( list is soooooo long i‘m afraid to not miss someone thats why without names) !
Of corse thanks to Roy LA5KO for trust in me and give me opportunity to do nice project!

Off course not to forget my right hand Vlado Lesjak ….no way to do this without his help !

If you are interested into towers, antenna, cables, other hardware and of course installation of those please let me know!
We are working with many different producers choosing the best solution for you!!

We are waiting to do next project anywhere in the world !

Love my job !

Emir Memic  E7DX “

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