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New Award for European Contacts

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  1. AA7BQ

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    QRZ is pleased to introduce a new category of awards known as Master of Radio Communications. These awards are granted upon the successful confirmation of contact with specified regional areas. Our first award in this series is the Master of Radio Communications for the European Region or MRC-Europe for short.

    These certificates recognize a mastery of a given regional area, which in this case consists of confirmed contact with 67 unique European DXCC entities. Presently, nearly 20,000 QRZ members have already qualified for the award and so it is expected to be very popular.

    We also have a handsome new certificate to commemorate the achievement. These are available for immediate order from the QRZ Store.


    Our congratulations to those who have already made this achievement, and encouragement for all others to follow in their footsteps. Let’s welcome all of our European friends to join us in celebrating one of the most rewarding regions in all of amateur radio.

    73, -fred AA7BQ

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