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JARL focus is on Younger Generations and Women

Here is JG1KTC New Year Greeting in English:) from the JARL website–

Happy New Year. We sincerely wish the members and those who are related to the amateur radio world a happy new year.
We would like to thank all of you for your continued understanding and support for the administration of the Federation.

Looking back on last year, it was a year when natural disasters such as typhoons frequently occurred. I sincerely thank everyone who has been affected again.
With the recent natural disasters occurring in recent years, amateur radio as a means of communication in the event of a disaster has gained a lot of attention, and there has been an increased opportunity for people all over the country to understand the social role and contribution of amateur radio. Was.
The succession of amateur radio, which is a useful means of communication, to the next generation and the development of human resources in the radio field are considered to be important social missions of the Japan Amateur Radio League.

Under such circumstances, we have continued to make various efforts to increase the membership of the Federation and strengthen the organizational base. Through ham fairs and WAKAMONO amateur radio events, we continued to focus on acquiring new members of younger generations and women.
Even if the era changes from Heisei to Reiwa, we will continue to offer benefits to new members and those who continue to be members.

Requests from members, such as deregulation of the licensing system, expansion of frequency bands, hands-on operation of unqualified persons, and enforcement of crackdown on illegal and illegal radio stations, were submitted directly to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications as a request form.
This year, we will continue to work closely with related ministries and agencies and related organizations to meet the needs of our members.

This year, the “Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics” will finally be held. For this international event, JARL is also working on opening a commemorative bureau and conducting commemorative awards and commemoration contests.
The ham fair will be held in the fall due to the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, but as usual, the Tokyo Big Sight will be held on October 31 and November 1 to provide “ hospitality. ” Etc. will be prepared and held.

Last but not least, in order to improve the satisfaction of our

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