Stray Signals

Fire at the Belize Amateur Radio Club – V31MA

 DXW, about the BARC Headquarter Club – Contest – Event Station * 


Flex 6400  Kenwood TS-480SAT

I do not have a amp, so all QSOs are made with 100 Watt or less. If you hear me I should hear you 😉


160M: 36 m vertical with 3 elevated radials 50 m each at 3m height.
80M: half wavelength sloper to tower top
60M: Bazooka
40M: three quarter wavelength sloper
80M-40M-20M-15M-10M Dipole
30M-17M-12M Dipole

Unboxing the AnyTone AT-D578UV III Pro DMR/FM Mobile Radio

Replacing a bad PL-259 Connector

Ofcom engineers shine a light on interference issue

A Review of the Power Genius XL – By Mack McCormick, W4AX

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