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QSO Today VIRTUAL Ham Radio Expo coming August 8th

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    QSO Today podcaster, Eric, 4Z1UG, announces the first VIRTUAL ham radio expo scheduled to open August 8th and 9th. “With the closing of all of the major conventions and hamfests due to Covid-19, I thought that I could marshal the resources quickly to put together an entire Expo on a virtual conference platform to get as close to a real Expo with out leaving home. My team and I spent a month finding the right platform to bring a virtual speaker auditorium with over 40 speakers and a full exhibit hall with vendor booths. Attendees will be able to interact with exhibitors, speakers, and each other using a combination of video, audio, and text chat”.

    Attendee registration is free for this Expo.

    Additional speakers are needed from EMEA to fill slots in time zones outside of the USA. Speaker application is here
    For more information go to

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