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New QRZ Mobile App: Ham Callsigns by N5IKD

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  1. AA7BQ

    QRZ Founder

    QRZ Page

    QRZ is pleased to announce that a new mobile call sign lookup app will soon be available for both Apple/IOS and Android phones. The app has been produced by Robert Allen, N5IKD, a long time ham and programmer.

    Allen worked closely with us to develop the app in record time. The app has no ads, doesn’t gather any information about you, and is simple, fast, and accurate. What else could you ask for?

    The app is 100% FREE, and no subscription is required even though it uses our high-speed XML subscription call sign server. Instead, for the first time at QRZ, this app is being generously supported by the users themselves by way of Patreon donations. Users who find the app useful are encouraged to go to Patreon and make a donation to the cause.

    Check out Ham Callsigns today in the App Store or in Google Play when it becomes available (soon).

    Below are a couple of screenshots of a lookup for AA7BQ:




    Also announcing End of Life (EOL) for existing QRZ apps.

    Two current apps by QRZ include an Android offering as well as an Apple/IOS program that were each independently developed. Both of these programs are being retired now in favor of having a single common platform that works across all types of smartphones and tablets. These apps will be removed from the App Store and Google Play, however, if you’re still using them you may continue to do so.

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