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FM transponder ham radio satellite launches soon | Amateur Radio News – Southgate Amateur Radio Club

The launch of the UVSQ-SAT satellite carrying an FM transponder is provisionally scheduled for January 21, 2021

On the AMSAT Bulletin Board Christophe writes:

The satellite designed by LATMOS had its frequencies coordinated by IARU.  In addition to experimental and educational missions, it will provide the amateur radio community with a new FM transponder.  AMSAT-Francophone and the radio club F6KRK have been involved throughout the project.

AMSAT-Francophone provides the amateur radio community with software to interpret the data and send it to the AMSAT-F Satnogs database.

You can start testing the software (in beta mode) and make your feedback for its improvement. The software runs on both Windows and Linux platforms.

Information for downloading :

Two audio files are available for testing the software:

· 1200 bps (BPSK / G3RUH)  :  SDRSharp_20201023_143925Z_437017790Hz_IQ — Beacon_1200.wav

· 9600 bps (BPSK / G3RUH) : SDRSharp_20201023_144839Z_437011810Hz_IQ—Beacon_9600.wav

The satellite will transmit on the frequency: 437.020 MHz.

More information on the satellite frequencies:

More information on the project:

73 Christophe


UVSQ-Sat is listed on the SpaceX Falcon 9 Transporter1 manifest, check launch status at


IARU Satellite Frequency Coordination page

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