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More ham radio spectrum in 3-12 MHz needed | Amateur Radio News – Southgate Amateur Radio Club

The WIA Spectrum Strategy Committee has released their response to the ACMA Five Year Spectrum Outlook 2021, they highlight the need for more amateur radio spectrum in 3-12 MHz

The WIA says:

Global demand for HF amateur spectrum has grown, particularly since the start of the COVID pandemic. Congestion (particularly on the 7 MHz band) from both legitimate and unauthorised illegal transmissions is often severe during times of increased ionospheric propagation.

Additionally, heightened tensions across the globe have increased the use of high-power HF radar systems which frequently disrupt HF amateur communications across large segments of spectrum, particularly on the lower frequency bands. Increasing spectrum access within the 3-10 MHz range is seen as vital to enable sufficient frequency agility for the amateur service, so that communications can be maintained when large amounts of spectrum are suffering interference from international radar based intruders 4.

The WIA intends to seek expansions to amateur bands in the 3-12 MHz segment over the next 5 years for Australian amateurs, at least in alignment with international allocations, although the WIA acknowledges that this is a lower priority than other items proposed.

You can download the full WIA response document at

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