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HF radio or satellite communication?Communication at sea –

You can stream Netflix videos directly to your boat, call anyone directly, stream music, and receive email 24/7.

Barry Pictal is a journalist and photographer who has covered every aspect of the yacht for 40 years. Credit: Barry Pickthall / PPL

However, unless you own a boat the size of a superyacht (preferably with a cinema built in), it’s impractical to install the required large satellite dome on board.

However, satellite technology has had a major impact on marine communications, making traditional radiotelephone communications almost redundant.

Many of the coastal and global radio stations around the world have been closed, including the Isle of Wight’s Niton Radio, which can patch VHF radio calls to landlines, and the West Country’s Portishead Radio, which can do much the same around the world. I did. Earth via HF radio.

So what can be used to cruise people planning long-term voyages without having to pay nose to stay in touch with the outside world?

In fact, there are quite a few.

HAM amateur radio net

2018 Golden Globe Race (GGR) Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Sir Robin Knox-Johnston’s First Nonstop Solo Sailing in the World in 1968/9, Taken
The 18 starters have returned to the “golden age” of simple voyages in one or more ways.

All forms of computerized electronics were banned under the general rule that if Sir Robin was not able to use anything at that time, he would no longer be allowed.

It extended to smartphones, electronic wind speed and direction instruments, digital cameras and iPods.

For communications, competitors had to rely on HF radio, VHF, and ham radio nets.

Mark Slat made good use of the hamnet at the 2018 Golden Globe Race. Credits: Christophe Favreau / PPL / GGR

The race was generally successful, although there were some anomalies.

Hamnett matured during World War II when the War Office recruited about 500 amateurs to record the German Morse code.

The National Radio Center for Amateur Radio Operators in the United Kingdom is still based in the once secret listening center in Bletchley Park.

Today, more than 3 million ham radio enthusiasts are having fun chatting with people who can pick them up from garden sheds around the world.

In most cases, contact with an adventurous voyager is mana from heaven.

My first experience at Hamnet was the Nedloyd Spice Race in 1979 by a crew member of an 80-foot Australian yacht from Jakarta, Indonesia to Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Batabie (A replica of the

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