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WWV Discontinuing Operations?

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  1. AD7I

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    A friend of a friend pointed this out to me, from NIST’s website at the following URL, a little ways down the page (…y/fundamental-measurement-quantum-science-and ).

    When they say “shutdown of NIST radio stations in Colorado and Hawaii” I would think they mean WWV, WWVB and WWVH.

    From the NIST website:

  2. K9CTB

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  3. KD4MAX

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    $6.3M savings? Is that even worth it for the loss? At the least, think of all the timepieces that will no longer automatically sync (like the one on my wrist). Not to mention the loss of a source for stratum-1 NTP servers. This is a wide-ranging consumer and industry change, if true and not just “illustrative”.

    I can’t imagine they’d do this – too much depends on that $6.3M.

  4. WA3QWW

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    Apparently not WWVB.

    I wonder if the ARRL will get involved in this.

  5. K3FHP

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